Virgo All About Horoscope

Virgo All About Horoscope

Coming sixth in the zodiac wheel is the Virgo known to be exact, picky and critical about everything. They are the perfectionists out of all the sun signs because of their 'attention to detail' behavior. Virgos consider serving others well with joy their life’s duty and always aim to work for the greater good. Some of famous Virgos are M.F.HusainSophia LorenAdam SandlerBeyonce KnowlesGoran IvanisevicH G Wells, and Mother Teresa.

Aptly represented by the Virgin, Virgos are a pure heart with fair, unbiased sense of judgment. They are modest and human who reserve their practical and logical side for workplace tasks. They have a knack for finding facts and hence, are asset to any team. Rest assured, no detail would be overlooked by these industrious folks ever. This also explains their OCD about neat organized surroundings.

Virgo sun sign is ruled by Mercury, the messenger god of information and winged feet. Mercury gives them unparalleled communication skills and mental acuity. People born under Virgo are studious, prone to losing temper and extremely analytical. They are, however, the only person in the room actually interested in understanding things.

The Virgo element is Earth, responsible for their grounded, reliable and easy going personality. Virgo people are sensible, sensitive and discriminating with great decision making skills. This makes them apt for businesses where their decisions are bang on.

Physically, Virgos grow up to have an average height, pale complexion, delicate body, and a fidgety disposition. However, they long to maintain a low profile which displays their serious, discreet side, an extension of refined living. Synonymous to their mind and demeanor, best suited colors for Virgo born are brown, grey and subdued shades of tan.

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