Sakat Chauth

About Sakat Chauth

This day is dedicated to God Ganesha. On this day, Lord Ganesha and Moon are worshipped. Women observe fast for the well being of their sons. Fasting on this day removes all the obstacles, barriers and hurdles and devotees are blessed with happiness, prosperity and success. Devotees perform the Sakat Chaut Puja on this day to ensure happiness and prosperity for their children.

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Sakat chauth is also dedicated to Goddess Sakat and the legends of sakat chauth describe the compassionate nature of Goddess Sakat.

Sakat Chath is also known as :
  • Mahi chauth
  • Mai Chauth
  • Tilkuta Chauth
  • Ganesh Chauth
  • Sankathara Chaturthi
Story of Sakat Chauth

Once there was a potter in a village who used to make pots. After making the pots, he used harden them in a furnace. Once, while putting the pots in the furnace, he noticed that flame is not able to harden them after many attempts. At last, he approached the king to seek help. King approached Rajpurohit for the help and get solutions for the problem. Rajpurohit suggested Bali of a child each time furnace is prepared for utensils.

After the suggestion of Rajpurohit, King declared that each family should bear Bali of a child each time and each family had to agree upon this.

Days went. After few days, there was a turn of an old woman who had only one son to support her. Old woman was depressed that day. That day was the day of Sakat Chauth and it was sorrowful as she had to sacrifice her son on this auspicious day. She was an ardent devotee of Goddess Sakat. As a protection, she offered her son one betel nut and "Dub ka Beeda". She asked his son to take the name of the Lord while he would be put in the furnace.

The child was asked to sit in the furnace. Old woman started worshipping Goddess Sakat at the very moment when the child was sent in the furnace. The kiln was left to get prepared within one night. Next day in the morning when potter came to inspect the kiln, he was astonished to see it. He found not only the son of old woman safe and alive but also other children who were offered before to prepare kiln were also alive.

Since then, everybody started believing in the existence of Goddess Sakat. Women worship Goddess Sakat for the well being of their sons.

Procedure of Puja:

This day is observed on the fourth day after Purnima

  • After taking bath in the morning, chant Ganesha Ashtottara.
  • In the evening, place the idol of Lord Ganesha on a clean plateform, decorate it with beautiful flowers.
  • Light agarbatti and lit diya in front of the idol.
  • Offer fruits to the deities.
  • Offer prayers to the God.
  • Offer aarti of Lord Ganesha
  • Now, offer worship Moon with Durva grass, Til (sesame) Ladoos, and Arghya (offering mixture of water and milk to Moon). Arghya is offered thrice: for Chaturthi Tithi, for Mahaganapati and for Sankashtanashan Sri Ganeshji.
Lord Ganesha Mantras:
  • Ganesha Ashtottra
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya
  • Sankashtnashana Sthothra
Benefits of Sakat chauth fast:
  • Removing hurdles, barriers and obstacles.
  • Bringing wealth, prosperity and success in the life.
  • Offer aarti of Lord Ganesha
  • Removing malefic effects of Budha (Mercury).