Vaishakha purnima

About Vaishakha purnima

The full moon day is known as Poornima, or Purnima according to the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Hindu people, from morning to evening observe a fast on the day.

As per the traditional calendar, the Vaishakha purnima happens on the full moon day in the Vaishakha month. It is believed that the devotees get full enlightment from all the sins by fasting and worshipping on Vaishakha Purnima day.

Devotees who sincerely worship Lord Vishnu on this day get prosperity, affluence, fortune and good rewards. People say, according to Bhavishya Purana, Lord Vishnu in a turtle form took incarnation among his 24 incarnations. On the day of Vaishakha purnina, Hindu devotees worship Lord Vishnu in this appearance only. Offering oil and til in charity is considered auspicious.

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Much significant religious festival, rituals and customs takes place on the full moon day in different regions of the country. Devotees observe fasting on this day and offer their prayers to Devi and Mother Goddess. They consume food only after the evening prayers and seeing the moon in the sky.

Vaishakha Purnima Pooja :

One gets freedom from all his misdeeds by worshipping and fasting on Vaishakh Purnima. Devotees who worship Lord Vishnu on this day get prosperity. The worshipper has to give til and oil in charity and should offer fragrant things like kapoor, itra etc. with the water in a utensil made of gold, silver, bronze or sand.

Offering Lord Vishnu ghee, sugar, til on this day is favourable. Perform homas with sugar and ghee. Taking bath in holy rivers like Ganga, Narmada etc provides freedom from all sins. Chant Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah while worshipping Lord Vishnu. Observing a fast dedicated to Satyanarayana brings luck and prosperity in the family.

Vaishakh Purnima Importance :

Hindu culture describe the glory and significance of Vaishakh month mentioning that there is no other month like Vaishakh that is considered so auspicious. Deities praises the Vaishakh month by saying that Brahmaji has created this month superior to other 11 months of the Hindu calender.

Devotees who take bath before the sunrise get freedom from all his sins and bad deeds. Vaishakh being the favorite of Lord Vishnu has become the most superior and auspicious month of the year.

Providing a thirsty people with water on this day is equivalent to performing a Rajsun Yagya.

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