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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Adit (Meaning of Adit is: First Born)
  • Adithya (Meaning of Adithya is: Sun God)
  • Adiya (Meaning of Adiya is: Gods treasure)
  • Adnan (Meaning of Adnan is: Proper name)
  • Adrian (Meaning of Adrian is: Rich)
  • Advait (Meaning of Advait is: Unique)
  • Advaita (Meaning of Advaita is: Focussed)
  • Advay (Meaning of Advay is: Unique)
  • Advik (Meaning of Advik is: Unique)
  • Agampreet (Meaning of Agampreet is: Love for god)
  • Agasthya (Meaning of Agasthya is: A name of a sage)
  • Aghanashini (Meaning of Aghanashini is: Destroyer of Sins)
  • Agnello (Meaning of Agnello is: Angel)
  • Agrim (Meaning of Agrim is: Always ahead)
  • Agrima (Meaning of Agrima is: Advance)
  • Ahan (Meaning of Ahan is: Dawn)
  • Ahladita (Meaning of Ahladita is: In Happy Mood)
  • Ajay (Meaning of Ajay is: Unconquered)
  • Ajit (Meaning of Ajit is: Victorious)
  • Ajitabh (Meaning of Ajitabh is: Victor)
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