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Male Baby Names Starting with "C"

  • Ceeven (Meaning of Ceeven is: The name came to a guy from dr)
  • Chahel (Meaning of Chahel is: Good cheer)
  • Chaitanya (Meaning of Chaitanya is: Famous sage)
  • Chakradev (Meaning of Chakradev is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Chakradhar (Meaning of Chakradhar is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Chakravarthi (Meaning of Chakravarthi is: King)
  • Champak (Meaning of Champak is: Flower)
  • Chanakya (Meaning of Chanakya is: Bright)
  • Chandan (Meaning of Chandan is: Sandal)
  • Chandramouli (Meaning of Chandramouli is: Moon as crown)
  • Chandran (Meaning of Chandran is: Moon)
  • Chandrashekar (Meaning of Chandrashekar is: Lord Shiva)
  • Chandresh (Meaning of Chandresh is: Moon)
  • Charan (Meaning of Charan is: Feet)
  • Charanpal (Meaning of Charanpal is: Protection under the Guru's lo)
  • Charanpreet (Meaning of Charanpreet is: One who loves Lords feet)
  • Chatresh (Meaning of Chatresh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Chetan (Meaning of Chetan is: Perceptive)
  • Chhatrabhuj (Meaning of Chhatrabhuj is: Lord Shiva)
  • Chikku (Meaning of Chikku is: Sweet Fruits)
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