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Male Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Raahi (Meaning of Raahi is: Traveller)
  • Raakin (Meaning of Raakin is: Respectful)
  • Raamiz (Meaning of Raamiz is: Symbol)
  • Raatib (Meaning of Raatib is: Arranger)
  • Rabah (Meaning of Rabah is: Gainer)
  • Rabee (Meaning of Rabee is: Spring)
  • Radhakrishnan (Meaning of Radhakrishnan is: Godess Radha and Lord Krishna)
  • Radhesh (Meaning of Radhesh is: Lord Krishna)
  • Radhey (Meaning of Radhey is: Karna)
  • Ragesh (Meaning of Ragesh is: The man who sings sweet ragas)
  • Raghav (Meaning of Raghav is: Lord Ram)
  • Raghavendra (Meaning of Raghavendra is: Another name for Lord Rama)
  • Ragheb (Meaning of Ragheb is: Desirous)
  • Raghubir (Meaning of Raghubir is: Lord Rama)
  • Raghuvir (Meaning of Raghuvir is: Lord Rama)
  • Rahil (Meaning of Rahil is: Traveller)
  • Rahul (Meaning of Rahul is: Capable)
  • Raj (Meaning of Raj is: Kingdom)
  • Raja (Meaning of Raja is: King-Queen)
  • Rajan (Meaning of Rajan is: King)
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