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Female Baby Names Starting with "J"

  • Jafit (Meaning of Jafit is: Beautiful)
  • Jagravi (Meaning of Jagravi is: King)
  • Jagvi (Meaning of Jagvi is: Worldly)
  • Jahan (Meaning of Jahan is: The World)
  • Jahnavi (Meaning of Jahnavi is: River Ganga)
  • Jala (Meaning of Jala is: Clarity; Elucidation)
  • Jalpa (Meaning of Jalpa is: Discussion)
  • Jalsa (Meaning of Jalsa is: Celebration)
  • Jameela (Meaning of Jameela is: Beautiful)
  • Jameerah (Meaning of Jameerah is: Beautiful one)
  • Jaminie (Meaning of Jaminie is: Flower)
  • Janaan (Meaning of Janaan is: Heart or soul)
  • Janaki (Meaning of Janaki is: Causing; Producing)
  • Janani (Meaning of Janani is: Name of three Goddess)
  • Jane (Meaning of Jane is: The Lord is Gracious)
  • Janessa (Meaning of Janessa is: The Lord of gracious)
  • Janisha (Meaning of Janisha is: Dispeller of ignorance)
  • Janki (Meaning of Janki is: Goddess Sita)
  • Januja (Meaning of Januja is: Female offspring)
  • Janya (Meaning of Janya is: Life)
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