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Female Baby Names Starting with "W"

  • Wafa (Meaning of Wafa is: Faithfulness)
  • Wafeeqa (Meaning of Wafeeqa is: Successful)
  • Wafiya (Meaning of Wafiya is: Loyal; Faithful)
  • Waheeda (Meaning of Waheeda is: Unique*)
  • Wajeeha (Meaning of Wajeeha is: Eminent; Distinguished)
  • Wakeeta (Meaning of Wakeeta is: Beautiful flower*)
  • Warda (Meaning of Warda is: Rose)
  • Wateeb (Meaning of Wateeb is: Heart)
  • Widad (Meaning of Widad is: Love; Friendship)
  • Wijdan (Meaning of Wijdan is: Ecstasy; Sentiment)
  • Wisaal (Meaning of Wisaal is: Communion in love)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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