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Female Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Padma (Meaning of Padma is: Lotus)
  • Padmini (Meaning of Padmini is: Lotus flower)
  • Padnuni (Meaning of Padnuni is: Lotus)
  • Pahal (Meaning of Pahal is: The start)
  • Pakhi (Meaning of Pakhi is: Bird)
  • Palak (Meaning of Palak is: ye lid)
  • Palaksi (Meaning of Palaksi is: White)
  • Pallavi (Meaning of Pallavi is: Bud)
  • Paloma (Meaning of Paloma is: White dove)
  • Pameela (Meaning of Pameela is: Honey*)
  • Pampa (Meaning of Pampa is: River)
  • Panchali (Meaning of Panchali is: Princess)
  • Panchami (Meaning of Panchami is: Goddress Parvathi*)
  • Panita (Meaning of Panita is: Admired)
  • Pankaja (Meaning of Pankaja is: Lotus)
  • Pankhadi (Meaning of Pankhadi is: Petal)
  • Pankti (Meaning of Pankti is: Sentence)
  • Panna (Meaning of Panna is: Emerald)
  • Pari (Meaning of Pari is: Fairy)
  • Paridhi (Meaning of Paridhi is: Limit)
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