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Female Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Babita (Meaning of Babita is: Little girl)
  • Badriya (Meaning of Badriya is: Resembling full moon)
  • Bageshri (Meaning of Bageshri is: An Indian Musical Raag)
  • Baheera (Meaning of Baheera is: Dazzling; Brilliant)
  • Bahiyaa (Meaning of Bahiyaa is: Beautiful; Radiant)
  • Bakul (Meaning of Bakul is: Flower name)
  • Bala (Meaning of Bala is: Damsel)
  • Banan (Meaning of Banan is: Finger tips)
  • Banhi (Meaning of Banhi is: Fire)
  • Banni (Meaning of Banni is: Maiden)
  • Baraa'a (Meaning of Baraa'a is: Excelling)
  • Barisha (Meaning of Barisha is: Pure)
  • Barkha (Meaning of Barkha is: Rain)
  • Barsha (Meaning of Barsha is: Rain)
  • Baruni (Meaning of Baruni is: Goddess Durga)
  • Basanti (Meaning of Basanti is: Spring)
  • Baseema (Meaning of Baseema is: Smiling)
  • Basma (Meaning of Basma is: A smile)
  • Batool (Meaning of Batool is: Ascetic virgin)
  • Beena (Meaning of Beena is: A musical instrument)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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