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Male Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Baahir (Meaning of Baahir is: Brilliant)
  • Baasim (Meaning of Baasim is: Smiling)
  • Babala (Meaning of Babala is: Above)
  • Babar (Meaning of Babar is: Lion)
  • Badal (Meaning of Badal is: Cloud)
  • Badr Udeen (Meaning of Badr Udeen is: Full moon of the Faith)
  • Badrinath (Meaning of Badrinath is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Baha (Meaning of Baha is: Beautiful)
  • Bahuliya (Meaning of Bahuliya is: Lord Kartikeya)
  • Bajrang (Meaning of Bajrang is: Lord Hanumanji)
  • Bakool (Meaning of Bakool is: Flower)
  • Balachandar (Meaning of Balachandar is: Young moon)
  • Balaji (Meaning of Balaji is: Lord Venkatesh)
  • Balavant (Meaning of Balavant is: Lord Hanuman)
  • Balbir (Meaning of Balbir is: Valiant hero)
  • Baldev (Meaning of Baldev is: Strong)
  • Balendra (Meaning of Balendra is: Lord Krishna)
  • Balgopal (Meaning of Balgopal is: Baby Krishna)
  • Balgovind (Meaning of Balgovind is: Krishna)
  • Bali (Meaning of Bali is: Monkey King)
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