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Male Baby Names Starting with "F"

  • Faakhir (Meaning of Faakhir is: Excellent)
  • Faaris (Meaning of Faaris is: Knight)
  • Faarooq (Meaning of Faarooq is: He who distinguishes truth fro)
  • Fadi (Meaning of Fadi is: Redeemer)
  • Fadl (Meaning of Fadl is: Outstanding)
  • Fadl Ullah (Meaning of Fadl Ullah is: The excellence of God)
  • Fahad (Meaning of Fahad is: Lynx)
  • Faisal (Meaning of Faisal is: Decisive)
  • Faizan (Meaning of Faizan is: Generosity)
  • Faizeen (Meaning of Faizeen is: honest)
  • Fakhry (Meaning of Fakhry is: Honorary)
  • Falgu (Meaning of Falgu is: Lovely)
  • Fanibhushan (Meaning of Fanibhushan is: Lord Shiv)
  • Fareed (Meaning of Fareed is: Unique)
  • Farhan (Meaning of Farhan is: Glad)
  • Fateen (Meaning of Fateen is: Smart)
  • Fawad (Meaning of Fawad is: Heart)
  • Fawaz (Meaning of Fawaz is: Succesful)
  • Fidaa (Meaning of Fidaa is: Redemption)
  • Firaas (Meaning of Firaas is: Knight)
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