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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Maahir (Meaning of Maahir is: Skilled)
  • Madeeha (Meaning of Madeeha is: Praiseworthy)
  • Madhavi (Meaning of Madhavi is: Honey)
  • Madhu (Meaning of Madhu is: Honey)
  • Madhul (Meaning of Madhul is: Sweet)
  • Madhulika (Meaning of Madhulika is: Nectar)
  • Madhumathi (Meaning of Madhumathi is: Delight moon)
  • Madhumitha (Meaning of Madhumitha is: Sweet person)
  • Madhura (Meaning of Madhura is: Fond of honey*)
  • Madhureema (Meaning of Madhureema is: Sweet)
  • Madhuri (Meaning of Madhuri is: Honey)
  • Madhurima (Meaning of Madhurima is: Sweet girl)
  • Madhurpriya Madhur (Meaning of Madhurpriya Madhur is: Sweet pleasant)
  • Madhusha (Meaning of Madhusha is: Beauty)
  • Madhushree (Meaning of Madhushree is: Beauty; Of spring)
  • Madina (Meaning of Madina is: Land of beauty)
  • Magadhi (Meaning of Magadhi is: Flower)
  • Maha (Meaning of Maha is: Gazelle)
  • Mahasri (Meaning of Mahasri is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Mahek (Meaning of Mahek is: Smell)
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