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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Mrinmayee (Meaning of Mrinmayee is: Deer's Eye)
  • Mrithubashini (Meaning of Mrithubashini is: Soft spoken girl)
  • Mritsa (Meaning of Mritsa is: Good Earth)
  • Mrittika (Meaning of Mrittika is: Mother Earth)
  • Mruga (Meaning of Mruga is: A name of a bird)
  • Mrunali (Meaning of Mrunali is: Lotus stalk)
  • Mubarak (Meaning of Mubarak is: Blessed)
  • Mubinah (Meaning of Mubinah is: One who clarifies)
  • Mudra (Meaning of Mudra is: Healing hand movement)
  • Mugdha (Meaning of Mugdha is: Innocent young girl)
  • Muhja (Meaning of Muhja is: Heart's blood)
  • Mukta (Meaning of Mukta is: Liberated)
  • Mukti (Meaning of Mukti is: Liberation)
  • Muna (Meaning of Muna is: Wish; Desire)
  • Muskaan (Meaning of Muskaan is: "Smile, Happiness)
  • Musu (Meaning of Musu is: Beautiful)
  • Mythili (Meaning of Mythili is: Princess of mithila)
  • Mythri (Meaning of Mythri is: Beautiful girl*; Friendship)
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