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Female Baby Names Starting with "V"

  • Vaagdevi (Meaning of Vaagdevi is: Goddess of learning; Saraswath)
  • Vaanya (Meaning of Vaanya is: Idle daughter)
  • Vacha (Meaning of Vacha is: Speech)
  • Vaibhavi (Meaning of Vaibhavi is: Affluence)
  • Vaidehi (Meaning of Vaidehi is: Sita; wife of Ram)
  • Vaijayanti (Meaning of Vaijayanti is: Prize)
  • Vainavi (Meaning of Vainavi is: Gold)
  • Vaisakhi (Meaning of Vaisakhi is: Auspicious day in Punjab)
  • Vaishali (Meaning of Vaishali is: Historical city)
  • Vaishavi (Meaning of Vaishavi is: Lord Vishnu's devotee)
  • Vaishnavi (Meaning of Vaishnavi is: Worshipper of Lord Vishnu)
  • Vajra (Meaning of Vajra is: Goddess Durga)
  • Valini (Meaning of Valini is: Stars)
  • Vallari (Meaning of Vallari is: Goddess Sita)
  • Vamakshi (Meaning of Vamakshi is: Beautiful eyes)
  • Vamika (Meaning of Vamika is: Goddess Durga)
  • Vamsi (Meaning of Vamsi is: FLUTE OF LORD KRISHNA)
  • Vanaja (Meaning of Vanaja is: Lotus)
  • Vanalika (Meaning of Vanalika is: Sunflower)
  • Vandana (Meaning of Vandana is: Adoration)
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