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Female Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Daksha (Meaning of Daksha is: The Earth; Wife of Lord Shiva)
  • Dakshayani (Meaning of Dakshayani is: Goddess Durga)
  • Dalaja (Meaning of Dalaja is: Honey)
  • Damini (Meaning of Damini is: Lightning)
  • Damyanti (Meaning of Damyanti is: Beautiful)
  • Danna (Meaning of Danna is: To give; gift)
  • Darpana (Meaning of Darpana is: Mirror)
  • Darsani (Meaning of Darsani is: Worth looking at)
  • Darshana (Meaning of Darshana is: Observation)
  • Dawn (Meaning of Dawn is: Sun arising*)
  • Daya (Meaning of Daya is: Compassion)
  • Dayamayi (Meaning of Dayamayi is: Merciful)
  • Dayanita (Meaning of Dayanita is: Merciful)
  • Debotri (Meaning of Debotri is: Submitted to three Gods)
  • Deeksha (Meaning of Deeksha is: Initiation)
  • Deepa (Meaning of Deepa is: Light)
  • Deepal (Meaning of Deepal is: Light)
  • Deepika (Meaning of Deepika is: Lamp; light)
  • Deepikanjali (Meaning of Deepikanjali is: Honouring with row of lights)
  • Deepjyoti (Meaning of Deepjyoti is: the light of the lamp)
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