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Female Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Naaz (Meaning of Naaz is: Pride)
  • Nabah (Meaning of Nabah is: Nobel high; Sky)
  • Nabeeha (Meaning of Nabeeha is: Intelligent)
  • Nabeela (Meaning of Nabeela is: Noble)
  • Nada Nabhi Central (Meaning of Nada Nabhi Central is: Generosity; Dew)
  • Nadeeda (Meaning of Nadeeda is: Equal)
  • Nadia (Meaning of Nadia is: The beginning)
  • Nadira (Meaning of Nadira is: Rare; Precious)
  • Nafeesa Nadwa l (Meaning of Nafeesa Nadwa l is: Precious thing)
  • Nagina (Meaning of Nagina is: Jewel)
  • Nahla (Meaning of Nahla is: A drink)
  • Naija (Meaning of Naija is: Daughter of wisdom)
  • Naimah (Meaning of Naimah is: Delight)
  • Naina (Meaning of Naina is: Eyes)
  • Nainika (Meaning of Nainika is: Pupil of the eye)
  • Naisha (Meaning of Naisha is: Special)
  • Naishadha (Meaning of Naishadha is: Poetry)
  • Najat (Meaning of Najat is: Safety)
  • Najeeba Najla (Meaning of Najeeba Najla is: Of wide eyes)
  • Najiya (Meaning of Najiya is: Safe)
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