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Female Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Nivedita (Meaning of Nivedita is: Ethics)
  • Nivirti (Meaning of Nivirti is: Surrendered)
  • Niyati (Meaning of Niyati is: Bliss)
  • Nona (Meaning of Nona is: Destiny)
  • Noor (Meaning of Noor is: Ninth)
  • Noori (Meaning of Noori is: Shining)
  • Noshi (Meaning of Noshi is: Sweet)
  • Nouf (Meaning of Nouf is: Highest point on a mountain)
  • Nudhar (Meaning of Nudhar is: Gold)
  • Nupoor (Meaning of Nupoor is: Anklet)
  • Nupur (Meaning of Nupur is: Payal)
  • Nusayba (Meaning of Nusayba is: Proper name)
  • Nutan (Meaning of Nutan is: New; Fresh)
  • Nuzha (Meaning of Nuzha is: Pleasure trip; Excursion spot)
  • Nyneishia (Meaning of Nyneishia is: Indian princess)
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