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Female Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Nasira (Meaning of Nasira is: Victorious; helper)
  • Natalie (Meaning of Natalie is: The Lord's birthday)
  • Natasha (Meaning of Natasha is: Child of christmas)
  • Navami (Meaning of Navami is: New)
  • Navashree (Meaning of Navashree is: New)
  • Navdha (Meaning of Navdha is: New)
  • Naveena (Meaning of Naveena is: New)
  • Naveta (Meaning of Naveta is: New)
  • Navistha (Meaning of Navistha is: Youngest)
  • Navya (Meaning of Navya is: Young)
  • Nawal (Meaning of Nawal is: Gift)
  • Nawar (Meaning of Nawar is: Flower)
  • Nazarha (Meaning of Nazarha is: A sight)
  • Nazeeha (Meaning of Nazeeha is: Honest)
  • Nazia (Meaning of Nazia is: Princess; Queen)
  • Nazimah (Meaning of Nazimah is: Poet)
  • Nazma (Meaning of Nazma is: Star*)
  • Neela (Meaning of Neela is: Blue)
  • Neelam (Meaning of Neelam is: Blue or dark eyes; Gem)
  • Neelesh Neelesh (Meaning of Neelesh Neelesh is: Lord Krishna; The moon)
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