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Male Baby Names Starting with "O"

  • Obalesh (Meaning of Obalesh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Ojas (Meaning of Ojas is: Vitality)
  • Ojayit (Meaning of Ojayit is: Courageous)
  • Om (Meaning of Om is: Primordial sound)
  • Omair (Meaning of Omair is: Problem solver)
  • Omar (Meaning of Omar is: Life; long living)
  • Omesh (Meaning of Omesh is: Lord of the Om)
  • Omeshwar (Meaning of Omeshwar is: Lord of the Om)
  • Omkar (Meaning of Omkar is: Religious word OM)
  • Omkarnath (Meaning of Omkarnath is: Lord Shiva)
  • Omprakash (Meaning of Omprakash is: Sacred light)
  • Omran (Meaning of Omran is: Solid structure)
  • Orman (Meaning of Orman is: Seaman)
  • Ossama (Meaning of Ossama is: One of the names of the lion.)
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