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Male Baby Names Starting with "G"

  • Gagan (Meaning of Gagan is: Sky)
  • Gagandeep (Meaning of Gagandeep is: LIGHT OF THE SKY)
  • Gaganjyot (Meaning of Gaganjyot is: Light of the sky)
  • Gagnesh (Meaning of Gagnesh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Gajanan (Meaning of Gajanan is: Lord Ganjpati)
  • Gajanand (Meaning of Gajanand is: Lord Ganesh)
  • Gajrup (Meaning of Gajrup is: Lord Ganesh)
  • Galav (Meaning of Galav is: To worship)
  • Ganapati (Meaning of Ganapati is: lord ganesh)
  • Gandhi (Meaning of Gandhi is: sun)
  • Gandhik (Meaning of Gandhik is: Fragrance)
  • Ganesh (Meaning of Ganesh is: Son of Lord Shiva)
  • Garry (Meaning of Garry is: Spear)
  • Garv (Meaning of Garv is: Proud)
  • Gatik (Meaning of Gatik is: Fast)
  • Gaurang (Meaning of Gaurang is: Melody)
  • Gaurinath (Meaning of Gaurinath is: Lord Shiva)
  • Gautam (Meaning of Gautam is: Lord Buddha)
  • Ghaalib (Meaning of Ghaalib is: Victor)
  • Ghaazi (Meaning of Ghaazi is: Conqueror)
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