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Female Baby Names Starting with "C"

  • Catherine (Meaning of Catherine is: Pure)
  • Cathy (Meaning of Cathy is: Pure)
  • Chaaya (Meaning of Chaaya is: Shadow)
  • Chahna (Meaning of Chahna is: Love)
  • Chaitali (Meaning of Chaitali is: A season; Born in the Chaitra month)
  • Chaitna (Meaning of Chaitna is: Sunflower seed)
  • Chakori (Meaning of Chakori is: Alert)
  • Chakrika (Meaning of Chakrika is: Lakshmi*)
  • Chalama (Meaning of Chalama is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Chaman (Meaning of Chaman is: Garden)
  • Chameli (Meaning of Chameli is: A flower)
  • Champa (Meaning of Champa is: A flower)
  • Chanchal (Meaning of Chanchal is: Active)
  • Chandana (Meaning of Chandana is: Sandal)
  • Chandani (Meaning of Chandani is: Moon light)
  • Chandi (Meaning of Chandi is: Great Goddess)
  • Chandika (Meaning of Chandika is: Goddess Durga)
  • Chandni (Meaning of Chandni is: Moon light)
  • Chandra (Meaning of Chandra is: Moon)
  • Chandrima Chandrika (Meaning of Chandrima Chandrika is: Moon)
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