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Female Baby Names Starting with "C"

  • Charisse (Meaning of Charisse is: Cherry like)
  • Charita (Meaning of Charita is: Good)
  • Charlotte (Meaning of Charlotte is: Glam)
  • Charmaine (Meaning of Charmaine is: Song)
  • Charmy (Meaning of Charmy is: Charming)
  • Charu (Meaning of Charu is: Beautiful)
  • Charulata (Meaning of Charulata is: Creeper)
  • Charusheela (Meaning of Charusheela is: Beautiful Jewel)
  • Charvi (Meaning of Charvi is: A beautiful lady)
  • Chashmum (Meaning of Chashmum is: My eyes)
  • Chelsea (Meaning of Chelsea is: Port)
  • Cheshta (Meaning of Cheshta is: To try)
  • Chetana (Meaning of Chetana is: Consciousness)
  • Chetna (Meaning of Chetna is: Power of intellect)
  • Chhavi (Meaning of Chhavi is: Reflection)
  • Chhaya (Meaning of Chhaya is: Shadow)
  • Chinar (Meaning of Chinar is: Name of a beautiful tree)
  • Chintanika (Meaning of Chintanika is: Meditation)
  • Chitra (Meaning of Chitra is: Drawing)
  • Chitrakshi (Meaning of Chitrakshi is: Colourful eyes)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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