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Male Baby Names Starting with "T"

  • Taahir (Meaning of Taahir is: Chaste; Modest)
  • Taamir (Meaning of Taamir is: One who knows dates)
  • Taha (Meaning of Taha is: Pure)
  • Tahir (Meaning of Tahir is: Pure)
  • Taj (Meaning of Taj is: Crown; Jewel)
  • Taksha (Meaning of Taksha is: King Bharat's son)
  • Takshak (Meaning of Takshak is: King of serpents)
  • Talal (Meaning of Talal is: Nice; Admirable)
  • Talank (Meaning of Talank is: Lord Shiva)
  • Talin (Meaning of Talin is: Lord Shiva)
  • Tamam (Meaning of Tamam is: Generous)
  • Tamila (Meaning of Tamila is: Sun)
  • Tana (Meaning of Tana is: Issue)
  • Tanak (Meaning of Tanak is: Prize)
  • Tanoj (Meaning of Tanoj is: son)
  • Tanush (Meaning of Tanush is: Lord Shiva)
  • Tanvir (Meaning of Tanvir is: Strong)
  • Tapan (Meaning of Tapan is: Sun)
  • Tapas (Meaning of Tapas is: Heat)
  • Tapesh (Meaning of Tapesh is: The Holy trinity)
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