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Male Baby Names Starting with "J"

  • Jaabir (Meaning of Jaabir is: Consoler)
  • Jaafar (Meaning of Jaafar is: Rivulet)
  • Jabez (Meaning of Jabez is: God will increase your boundary)
  • Jacob (Meaning of Jacob is: One who supplants)
  • Jag (Meaning of Jag is: Ruler of the world)
  • Jagannath (Meaning of Jagannath is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Jagat (Meaning of Jagat is: World)
  • Jagdeep (Meaning of Jagdeep is: Light of the Universe)
  • Jagdeo (Meaning of Jagdeo is: God of the World)
  • Jagesh (Meaning of Jagesh is: Lord of the World)
  • Jagish (Meaning of Jagish is: Lord of the World)
  • Jagjeevan (Meaning of Jagjeevan is: Life Of the World)
  • Jagmohan (Meaning of Jagmohan is: Lord Krishna)
  • Jagrav (Meaning of Jagrav is: Awakened)
  • Jagreet (Meaning of Jagreet is: World's way)
  • Jahi (Meaning of Jahi is: Dignified)
  • Jai (Meaning of Jai is: Lord Shiva)
  • Jaideep (Meaning of Jaideep is: Victory to the Light)
  • Jaidev (Meaning of Jaidev is: Lord of victors)
  • Jaigopal (Meaning of Jaigopal is: Victorious Lord Krishna)
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