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Male Baby Names Starting with "J"

  • Jawahar (Meaning of Jawahar is: Gem)
  • Jay (Meaning of Jay is: Victory)
  • Jayagopal (Meaning of Jayagopal is: Victories)
  • Jayakumar (Meaning of Jayakumar is: Victory)
  • Jayant (Meaning of Jayant is: Lord Shiva)
  • Jayasimha (Meaning of Jayasimha is: Victorious king)
  • Jayavardhan (Meaning of Jayavardhan is: Victorious one)
  • Jayendra (Meaning of Jayendra is: Lord of victory)
  • Jayesh (Meaning of Jayesh is: Victor)
  • Jayin (Meaning of Jayin is: Conqueror)
  • Jaypal (Meaning of Jaypal is: The kings jester the one who laughs)
  • Jayprakash (Meaning of Jayprakash is: Ray of victory)
  • Jeevan (Meaning of Jeevan is: Life)
  • Jegapriyan (Meaning of Jegapriyan is: Loved by the world)
  • Jegathiswaran (Meaning of Jegathiswaran is: Lord Shiva)
  • Jerry (Meaning of Jerry is: Spear ruler)
  • Jevesh (Meaning of Jevesh is: Courageous)
  • Jhulier (Meaning of Jhulier is: Precious)
  • Jhumar (Meaning of Jhumar is: Child's plaything)
  • Jigar (Meaning of Jigar is: Heart)
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