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Female Baby Names Starting with "F"

  • Faatin Ezhil oviyaa (Meaning of Faatin Ezhil oviyaa is: Captivating)
  • Faatina (Meaning of Faatina is: Captivating)
  • Fadheela (Meaning of Fadheela is: Virtue)
  • Fadwa (Meaning of Fadwa is: Name derived from self-sacrifice)
  • Faith (Meaning of Faith is: One of the virtues)
  • Faiza (Meaning of Faiza is: Victorious; Winner)
  • Falak (Meaning of Falak is: Star)
  • Falguni (Meaning of Falguni is: Beautiful)
  • Farah (Meaning of Farah is: Joy)
  • Fareeda (Meaning of Fareeda is: Unique)
  • Fareeha (Meaning of Fareeha is: Happy; Joyful)
  • Farhana (Meaning of Farhana is: Beautiful)
  • Farhat (Meaning of Farhat is: Happiness)
  • Farhina (Meaning of Farhina is: Happiness)
  • Farzana (Meaning of Farzana is: Intelligence)
  • Fatima (Meaning of Fatima is: Prophet Muhammad's daughter)
  • Fawziya (Meaning of Fawziya is: Successful; Victorious)
  • Fazeela (Meaning of Fazeela is: Faithful*)
  • Felicy (Meaning of Felicy is: Happiness*)
  • Firdoos (Meaning of Firdoos is: Paradise)
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