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Female Baby Names Starting with "O"

  • Oditi (Meaning of Oditi is: Dawn)
  • Oja (Meaning of Oja is: Vitality)
  • Ojasvi (Meaning of Ojasvi is: Bright)
  • Oma (Meaning of Oma is: Life giver)
  • Omaira (Meaning of Omaira is: Star)
  • Omaja (Meaning of Omaja is: Result of spiritual unity)
  • Omisha (Meaning of Omisha is: Goddess of birth and death)
  • Onella (Meaning of Onella is: Light)
  • Oni (Meaning of Oni is: Shelter)
  • Oorja (Meaning of Oorja is: The energy)
  • Oparna (Meaning of Oparna is: Parvathi)
  • Orpita (Meaning of Orpita is: Offering)
  • Oshma (Meaning of Oshma is: Summer season)
  • Ovia (Meaning of Ovia is: Painting)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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