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Male Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Padam (Meaning of Padam is: Lotus)
  • Padmaj (Meaning of Padmaj is: Lord Brahama)
  • Padmayani (Meaning of Padmayani is: Lord Brahama)
  • Padmesh (Meaning of Padmesh is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Padminish (Meaning of Padminish is: Lord of lotuses)
  • Palash (Meaning of Palash is: Tree)
  • Palin (Meaning of Palin is: Protecting)
  • Pallav (Meaning of Pallav is: Sprouts)
  • Panav (Meaning of Panav is: Prince)
  • Panchal (Meaning of Panchal is: Lord Shiva)
  • Pandi (Meaning of Pandi is: Lord Pandi)
  • Pankaj (Meaning of Pankaj is: Lotus)
  • Pankajan (Meaning of Pankajan is: Lotus)
  • Pankit (Meaning of Pankit is: A line)
  • Panner (Meaning of Panner is: Life of happy)
  • Panshul (Meaning of Panshul is: Lord Shiva)
  • Parag (Meaning of Parag is: Famous)
  • Param (Meaning of Param is: Sadguru)
  • Paramhans (Meaning of Paramhans is: Ultimate)
  • Paramjit (Meaning of Paramjit is: Heroic)
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