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Male Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Pradyumna (Meaning of Pradyumna is: God of love)
  • Pradyun (Meaning of Pradyun is: Radiant)
  • Prafulla (Meaning of Prafulla is: Full of joy)
  • Prajesh (Meaning of Prajesh is: Lord Brahma)
  • Prajit (Meaning of Prajit is: Winning)
  • Prajval (Meaning of Prajval is: Brightness)
  • Prajvala (Meaning of Prajvala is: Flame)
  • Prakash (Meaning of Prakash is: Light)
  • Prakhar (Meaning of Prakhar is: Smart)
  • Prakher (Meaning of Prakher is: Intelligent)
  • Prakul (Meaning of Prakul is: Good looking)
  • Pramit (Meaning of Pramit is: Intelligent)
  • Pramod (Meaning of Pramod is: Joy)
  • Pran (Meaning of Pran is: Life; Force)
  • Prana (Meaning of Prana is: Spirit)
  • Pranad (Meaning of Pranad is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Pranav (Meaning of Pranav is: Symbol)
  • Pranay (Meaning of Pranay is: Love)
  • Pranesh (Meaning of Pranesh is: Lord of life)
  • Pranjivan (Meaning of Pranjivan is: Life)
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