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Male Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Paul (Meaning of Paul is: Small)
  • Pavan (Meaning of Pavan is: Sacred)
  • Pavanaj (Meaning of Pavanaj is: Lord Hanuman)
  • Pehlaj (Meaning of Pehlaj is: First born)
  • Phalak (Meaning of Phalak is: Sky)
  • Pinakin (Meaning of Pinakin is: Lord Shiva)
  • Pitambar (Meaning of Pitambar is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Piyush (Meaning of Piyush is: Amrit)
  • Poonish (Meaning of Poonish is: Lord of the pious)
  • Poorvash (Meaning of Poorvash is: Moon)
  • Porush (Meaning of Porush is: Man power)
  • Prabal (Meaning of Prabal is: Strong)
  • Prabhakar (Meaning of Prabhakar is: Sun)
  • Prabhat (Meaning of Prabhat is: Dawn)
  • Prabhav (Meaning of Prabhav is: Effect)
  • Prabhjyot (Meaning of Prabhjyot is: Light of God)
  • Prabhu (Meaning of Prabhu is: God)
  • Prachet (Meaning of Prachet is: Lord Varun)
  • Pradeep (Meaning of Pradeep is: Lamp)
  • Pradhi (Meaning of Pradhi is: Intelligent)
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