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Male Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Paranjay (Meaning of Paranjay is: Lord of the sea)
  • Paras (Meaning of Paras is: Touchstone)
  • Parashar (Meaning of Parashar is: A renowned saint)
  • Paresh (Meaning of Paresh is: Lord Brahma)
  • Pargat (Meaning of Pargat is: Appearance)
  • Parijat (Meaning of Parijat is: Divine tree)
  • Parikshit (Meaning of Parikshit is: Proven)
  • Parimal (Meaning of Parimal is: Fragrance)
  • Paritosh (Meaning of Paritosh is: Delight)
  • Parmeet (Meaning of Parmeet is: Wisdom)
  • Parmesh (Meaning of Parmesh is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Parminder (Meaning of Parminder is: God of Gods)
  • Parth (Meaning of Parth is: King; Arjun)
  • Partha (Meaning of Partha is: Son of the earth)
  • Parthiv (Meaning of Parthiv is: Prince of Earth)
  • Parvesh (Meaning of Parvesh is: Lord of celebrations)
  • Pashupati (Meaning of Pashupati is: Lord Shiva's incarnation)
  • Patag (Meaning of Patag is: Sun)
  • Patoj (Meaning of Patoj is: Lotus)
  • Patr (Meaning of Patr is: Defender)
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