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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Saabir (Meaning of Saabir is: Patient)
  • Saad (Meaning of Saad is: Good luck)
  • Saahil (Meaning of Saahil is: Sea shore)
  • Saahir (Meaning of Saahir is: Wakeful)
  • Saajid (Meaning of Saajid is: One who worships God)
  • Saakaar (Meaning of Saakaar is: Manifestation of god)
  • Saalih (Meaning of Saalih is: Good; Righteous)
  • Saariyah (Meaning of Saariyah is: Clouds at night)
  • Sabal (Meaning of Sabal is: With strength)
  • Sabeeh (Meaning of Sabeeh is: Beautiful)
  • Sabrang (Meaning of Sabrang is: Rainbow)
  • Sabyasachi (Meaning of Sabyasachi is: Lord Arjun)
  • Sachan (Meaning of Sachan is: Friendly)
  • Sachchit (Meaning of Sachchit is: Lord Brahma)
  • Sachet (Meaning of Sachet is: Consciosness)
  • Sachh (Meaning of Sachh is: The truth)
  • Sachin (Meaning of Sachin is: Lord Shiva)
  • Sachint (Meaning of Sachint is: Lord Indra)
  • Sachish (Meaning of Sachish is: Thoughtful)
  • Sachit (Meaning of Sachit is: Wise consciousness)
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