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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sahasan (Meaning of Sahasan is: Powerful)
  • Sahaskrit (Meaning of Sahaskrit is: Bestowing strength)
  • Sahat (Meaning of Sahat is: Stong)
  • Sahil (Meaning of Sahil is: River bank)
  • Sahishnu (Meaning of Sahishnu is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Sahith (Meaning of Sahith is: Literature)
  • Sahodar (Meaning of Sahodar is: "Flower,Everywhere)
  • Sai (Meaning of Sai is: Brother)
  • Saibya (Meaning of Saibya is: Belonging to Lord Shiva)
  • Sairam (Meaning of Sairam is: Lord Sai Baba)
  • Sajal (Meaning of Sajal is: Moist)
  • Sajiv (Meaning of Sajiv is: Full of Life)
  • Sakal (Meaning of Sakal is: All whole perfect)
  • Sakash (Meaning of Sakash is: Illumination)
  • Saket (Meaning of Saket is: Lord Krishna)
  • Sakshik (Meaning of Sakshik is: Witness)
  • Saleem (Meaning of Saleem is: Safe)
  • Salil (Meaning of Salil is: Water)
  • Salman (Meaning of Salman is: Safe)
  • Samaj (Meaning of Samaj is: Lord Indra)
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