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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sayid (Meaning of Sayid is: Master)
  • Sayuj (Meaning of Sayuj is: United companion comrade)
  • Sehej (Meaning of Sehej is: Calm)
  • Sekar (Meaning of Sekar is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Seshvar (Meaning of Seshvar is: Believing in God)
  • Setu (Meaning of Setu is: Sacred symbol)
  • Shaady (Meaning of Shaady is: Singer)
  • Shaan (Meaning of Shaan is: Prestige; Dignity)
  • Shaant (Meaning of Shaant is: Peace and calm)
  • Shaarav (Meaning of Shaarav is: Pure and innocent)
  • Shafeeq (Meaning of Shafeeq is: Compassionate)
  • Shahid (Meaning of Shahid is: A martyr)
  • Shailendra (Meaning of Shailendra is: Lord Shiva)
  • Shailesh (Meaning of Shailesh is: Emperor)
  • Shakti (Meaning of Shakti is: Lord of the Mountain)
  • Shakuni (Meaning of Shakuni is: Power)
  • Shalang (Meaning of Shalang is: A bird)
  • Shalik (Meaning of Shalik is: A sage)
  • Shama (Meaning of Shama is: Sun)
  • Shamak (Meaning of Shamak is: Makes peace)
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