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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sarojin (Meaning of Sarojin is: Lord Brahma)
  • Sarthak (Meaning of Sarthak is: Having its own importance)
  • Sarva (Meaning of Sarva is: Lord Krishna)
  • Sarvad (Meaning of Sarvad is: Lord Shiva)
  • Sarvak (Meaning of Sarvak is: Whole)
  • Sarvambh (Meaning of Sarvambh is: Lord Ganesh)
  • Sarvang (Meaning of Sarvang is: Lord Shiva)
  • Sarvavas (Meaning of Sarvavas is: God of all)
  • Sarvendra (Meaning of Sarvendra is: Lord Shiva)
  • Sasatya (Meaning of Sasatya is: Accompanied by truth)
  • Sashang (Meaning of Sashang is: Connected)
  • Sasi (Meaning of Sasi is: Moon)
  • Sasmit (Meaning of Sasmit is: Smiling)
  • Satadev (Meaning of Satadev is: God)
  • Satamanyu (Meaning of Satamanyu is: Lord Indra)
  • Satanand (Meaning of Satanand is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Satejas (Meaning of Satejas is: Full of power)
  • Satesh (Meaning of Satesh is: Lord of hundreds)
  • Sathi (Meaning of Sathi is: Partner)
  • Satin (Meaning of Satin is: Real)
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