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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Santan (Meaning of Santan is: Tree connection)
  • Santosh (Meaning of Santosh is: Satisfaction)
  • Santya (Meaning of Santya is: Kind; Bestowing gifts)
  • Sanug (Meaning of Sanug is: With followers)
  • Sanvah (Meaning of Sanvah is: Carrying along bearing wind)
  • Sanvrit (Meaning of Sanvrit is: Happened)
  • Sanwariya (Meaning of Sanwariya is: Lord Krishna)
  • Sanyam (Meaning of Sanyam is: To have controll)
  • Sanyat (Meaning of Sanyat is: Following a king)
  • Sapan (Meaning of Sapan is: Dream)
  • Saprathas (Meaning of Saprathas is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Saprem (Meaning of Saprem is: With love)
  • Saptajit (Meaning of Saptajit is: Conqueror of 7 elements)
  • Saptanshu (Meaning of Saptanshu is: Fire)
  • Sarag (Meaning of Sarag is: Heaven)
  • Saral (Meaning of Saral is: Honest)
  • Saras (Meaning of Saras is: Moon)
  • Sargam (Meaning of Sargam is: Musical notes)
  • Sarin (Meaning of Sarin is: Helpful)
  • Sarish (Meaning of Sarish is: Equal)
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