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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sanay (Meaning of Sanay is: Prayer; To praise)
  • Sanchit (Meaning of Sanchit is: Collection)
  • Sandeep (Meaning of Sandeep is: Glowing)
  • Sandesh (Meaning of Sandesh is: Message)
  • Sandy (Meaning of Sandy is: Good Lamp)
  • Sangod (Meaning of Sangod is: With water pond)
  • Sanja (Meaning of Sanja is: God universal creator)
  • Sanjay (Meaning of Sanjay is: Victorious)
  • Sanjeev (Meaning of Sanjeev is: Love; Life)
  • Sanjit (Meaning of Sanjit is: Who Is AlwaysVictorious)
  • Sanjiv (Meaning of Sanjiv is: Vital)
  • Sanjoy (Meaning of Sanjoy is: Victory)
  • Sanjval (Meaning of Sanjval is: Well lit blazing brightly)
  • Sankarsana (Meaning of Sankarsana is: One who ploughs)
  • Sanket (Meaning of Sanket is: Signal)
  • Sannath (Meaning of Sannath is: Accompanied by a protector)
  • Sannidhi (Meaning of Sannidhi is: Nearness)
  • Sanobar (Meaning of Sanobar is: A palm tree)
  • Sansal Sangir (Meaning of Sansal Sangir is: Assent promise*)
  • Sanskar (Meaning of Sanskar is: Up - bringing)
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