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Female Baby Names Starting with "I"

  • Ibtihaaj (Meaning of Ibtihaaj is: Joy)
  • Ida (Meaning of Ida is: Norman originl)
  • Idha (Meaning of Idha is: Insight)
  • Iditri (Meaning of Iditri is: Complimentary)
  • Iha (Meaning of Iha is: Wish)
  • Ihita (Meaning of Ihita is: Desire)
  • Ijaya (Meaning of Ijaya is: Sacrifice)
  • Ikraam (Meaning of Ikraam is: Honor; Hospitality)
  • Iksha (Meaning of Iksha is: Sight)
  • Ikshita (Meaning of Ikshita is: Visible)
  • Ila (Meaning of Ila is: Vitality)
  • Ilhaam (Meaning of Ilhaam is: Intuition)
  • Iman (Meaning of Iman is: Faith; Belief)
  • Imani (Meaning of Imani is: Trustworthy)
  • Indali Inaya Concern; Solicitude (Meaning of Indali Inaya Concern; Solicitude is: Powerful)
  • Indira (Meaning of Indira is: Bestower of wealth)
  • Indrani (Meaning of Indrani is: Indra's wife)
  • Indu (Meaning of Indu is: Moon)
  • Indulekha (Meaning of Indulekha is: Moon)
  • Indumati (Meaning of Indumati is: Full moon)
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