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Male Baby Names Starting with "I"

  • Ibhanan (Meaning of Ibhanan is: Lord Ganesha)
  • Ibraheem (Meaning of Ibraheem is: A Prophet's name)
  • Idaspati (Meaning of Idaspati is: God of rain)
  • Idhant (Meaning of Idhant is: Luminous)
  • Iesa (Meaning of Iesa is: A Prophet's name)
  • Ihsaan (Meaning of Ihsaan is: Beneficence)
  • Ihtesham (Meaning of Ihtesham is: Magnificent)
  • Ijay (Meaning of Ijay is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Ikram (Meaning of Ikram is: Honour respect)
  • Ikrimah (Meaning of Ikrimah is: A female pigeon )
  • Ikshan (Meaning of Ikshan is: Sight)
  • Ilashpasti (Meaning of Ilashpasti is: Lord of the earth)
  • Ilisa (Meaning of Ilisa is: King of the Earth)
  • Ilyas (Meaning of Ilyas is: A Prophet's name)
  • Imaad (Meaning of Imaad is: Support)
  • Imaad Udeen (Meaning of Imaad Udeen is: The pillar of the Faith)
  • Imdad (Meaning of Imdad is: Charity)
  • Imraan (Meaning of Imraan is: A Prophet's name)
  • Imtiyaz (Meaning of Imtiyaz is: Great King)
  • Ina (Meaning of Ina is: Lord Surya*)
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