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Male Baby Names Starting with "I"

  • Ish (Meaning of Ish is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Ishaan (Meaning of Ishaan is: Lord Shiva)
  • Ishaaq (Meaning of Ishaaq is: The lord of wealth)
  • Ishat (Meaning of Ishat is: Superior)
  • Ishayu (Meaning of Ishayu is: Full of strength)
  • Ishir (Meaning of Ishir is: Another name for agni*)
  • Ishpreet (Meaning of Ishpreet is: Lover of God)
  • Ishrat (Meaning of Ishrat is: Pleasure)
  • Ismaael (Meaning of Ismaael is: A Prophet's name )
  • Iyad (Meaning of Iyad is: A big mountain)
  • Izz Udeen (Meaning of Izz Udeen is: Might of the Faith)
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