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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Aadesh (Meaning of Aadesh is: Message)
  • Aadi (Meaning of Aadi is: Important)
  • Aadil (Meaning of Aadil is: Justice)
  • Aadit (Meaning of Aadit is: Peak)
  • Aaditya (Meaning of Aaditya is: Sun)
  • Aakaar (Meaning of Aakaar is: Shape)
  • Aakarsh (Meaning of Aakarsh is: Attraction)
  • Aakash (Meaning of Aakash is: Sky)
  • Aamir (Meaning of Aamir is: Prosperous)
  • Aarav (Meaning of Aarav is: Regard)
  • Aaravari (Meaning of Aaravari is: Peaceful)
  • Aarif (Meaning of Aarif is: Knowledgable)
  • Aarish (Meaning of Aarish is: Sky)
  • Aarit (Meaning of Aarit is: One who seeks the right direct)
  • Aariz (Meaning of Aariz is: Respectable man; Intelligent)
  • Aaron (Meaning of Aaron is: Exalted on high)
  • Aarpit (Meaning of Aarpit is: To donate)
  • Aarth (Meaning of Aarth is: Meaning)
  • Aarush (Meaning of Aarush is: First ray of sun)
  • Aarya (Meaning of Aarya is: Line on any particular raaga f)
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