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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Akaldeep (Meaning of Akaldeep is: God's lamp)
  • Akalpreet (Meaning of Akalpreet is: Love of God)
  • Akand (Meaning of Akand is: Calm)
  • Akarsh (Meaning of Akarsh is: Attractive)
  • Akash (Meaning of Akash is: Sky)
  • Akhil (Meaning of Akhil is: World)
  • Akhilesh (Meaning of Akhilesh is: Lord & Master)
  • Akram (Meaning of Akram is: Most Generous)
  • Akrash (Meaning of Akrash is: Attractive)
  • Akshaj (Meaning of Akshaj is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Akshan (Meaning of Akshan is: Eye)
  • Akshar (Meaning of Akshar is: Letter)
  • Akshit (Meaning of Akshit is: Permanent)
  • Akshobhya (Meaning of Akshobhya is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Akshun (Meaning of Akshun is: A significant particle)
  • Akul (Meaning of Akul is: Lord Shiv)
  • Akyhielan (Meaning of Akyhielan is: King)
  • Ali (Meaning of Ali is: Excellent)
  • Alibaba (Meaning of Alibaba is: Great Leader)
  • Alok (Meaning of Alok is: Sweet)
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