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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Aniruddh (Meaning of Aniruddh is: Grandson of Lord Krishna)
  • Anirudh (Meaning of Anirudh is: Boundless)
  • Anirvan (Meaning of Anirvan is: Undying)
  • Anirvinya (Meaning of Anirvinya is: God Vishnu)
  • Anish (Meaning of Anish is: Lord Krishna)
  • Anit (Meaning of Anit is: Joyful unending)
  • Anjal (Meaning of Anjal is: Hollow formed by joining two h)
  • Anjalika (Meaning of Anjalika is: One of Arjuna's arrows)
  • Anjan (Meaning of Anjan is: Lord Krishna)
  • Anjana (Meaning of Anjana is: Dusky)
  • Ankit (Meaning of Ankit is: Conquered)
  • Ankur (Meaning of Ankur is: Glow)
  • Ankush (Meaning of Ankush is: Control)
  • Anmol (Meaning of Anmol is: Priceless)
  • Anshul (Meaning of Anshul is: Sunny)
  • Anshuman (Meaning of Anshuman is: Sun)
  • Ansu (Meaning of Ansu is: Ray of light)
  • Antariksh (Meaning of Antariksh is: Space)
  • Anthony (Meaning of Anthony is: Invaulable)
  • Anubhav (Meaning of Anubhav is: Experience)
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