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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Alpesh (Meaning of Alpesh is: Tiny)
  • Amaan (Meaning of Amaan is: Aman)
  • Amal (Meaning of Amal is: Pure)
  • Amalendu (Meaning of Amalendu is: Pure like the moon)
  • Amalesh (Meaning of Amalesh is: Pure)
  • Aman (Meaning of Aman is: Peace)
  • Amanjeet (Meaning of Amanjeet is: Peace attainder)
  • Amanpal (Meaning of Amanpal is: Peace protector)
  • Amar (Meaning of Amar is: Immortal)
  • Amara (Meaning of Amara is: Immortal)
  • Amardeep (Meaning of Amardeep is: Eternal light)
  • Amarjeet (Meaning of Amarjeet is: Victorious)
  • Amarpreet (Meaning of Amarpreet is: Immortal love of God)
  • Amartya (Meaning of Amartya is: Immortal)
  • Ambarisha (Meaning of Ambarisha is: Lord of the sky)
  • Amber (Meaning of Amber is: Sky)
  • Ambikapathi (Meaning of Ambikapathi is: Lord Of Shiva)
  • Ambuj (Meaning of Ambuj is: Lotus)
  • Ameen (Meaning of Ameen is: Faithful)
  • Ameer (Meaning of Ameer is: Prince)
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