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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Abhinav (Meaning of Abhinav is: An act)
  • Abhinay (Meaning of Abhinay is: Expression)
  • Abhineet (Meaning of Abhineet is: Perfect)
  • Abhinivesh (Meaning of Abhinivesh is: Desire)
  • Abhiraj (Meaning of Abhiraj is: Fearless King)
  • Abhiram (Meaning of Abhiram is: Pleasing)
  • Abhiramana (Meaning of Abhiramana is: One who delights)
  • Abhiroop (Meaning of Abhiroop is: Handsome)
  • Abhishek (Meaning of Abhishek is: Ritual)
  • Abhyudaya (Meaning of Abhyudaya is: Luck)
  • Abimanyu (Meaning of Abimanyu is: )
  • Acchutan (Meaning of Acchutan is: )
  • Achala (Meaning of Achala is: Steady, Mountain)
  • Achintya (Meaning of Achintya is: Vishnu)
  • Adarsh (Meaning of Adarsh is: Ideal)
  • Adeel (Meaning of Adeel is: Judge)
  • Adeep (Meaning of Adeep is: Light)
  • Adham (Meaning of Adham is: Black)
  • Adhiraj (Meaning of Adhiraj is: King)
  • Adinath (Meaning of Adinath is: Lord Vishnu)
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