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Female Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Aabha (Meaning of Aabha is: Light)
  • Aadab (Meaning of Aadab is: Hope and need)
  • Aadita (Meaning of Aadita is: From the beginning)
  • Aadrika (Meaning of Aadrika is: Mountain)
  • Aadya (Meaning of Aadya is: First or preliminary)
  • Aahana (Meaning of Aahana is: First rays of the sun)
  • Aaheli (Meaning of Aaheli is: Pure)
  • Aahna (Meaning of Aahna is: Exist)
  • Aaina (Meaning of Aaina is: Mirror)
  • Aakaanksha (Meaning of Aakaanksha is: Wish or desire)
  • Aakriti (Meaning of Aakriti is: Shape)
  • Aalia (Meaning of Aalia is: Exalted; Highest social standing)
  • Aamaal (Meaning of Aamaal is: Hopes; Aspirations)
  • Aamani (Meaning of Aamani is: Spring season)
  • Aanchal (Meaning of Aanchal is: Shelter)
  • Aanya (Meaning of Aanya is: Gracious)
  • Aarini (Meaning of Aarini is: Adventurous)
  • Aarna (Meaning of Aarna is: Laxmi)
  • Aarti (Meaning of Aarti is: Form of worship)
  • Aarushi (Meaning of Aarushi is: First rays)
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