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Female Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Aarzoo (Meaning of Aarzoo is: Wish)
  • Aashi (Meaning of Aashi is: Smile)
  • Aashirya (Meaning of Aashirya is: From the land of god)
  • Aashita (Meaning of Aashita is: One who is full of hope)
  • Aashiyana (Meaning of Aashiyana is: "Beautiful home, Small Dwelling")
  • Aashna (Meaning of Aashna is: Devoted to love)
  • Aashritha (Meaning of Aashritha is: Somebody who gives shelter)
  • Aasmaa (Meaning of Aasmaa is: Excellent)
  • Aastha (Meaning of Aastha is: Faith)
  • Aathmika (Meaning of Aathmika is: Related to aathma or soul)
  • Aayushi (Meaning of Aayushi is: One with long life)
  • Abha (Meaning of Abha is: Beautiful)
  • Abhira (Meaning of Abhira is: Cow herd)
  • Abhiruchi (Meaning of Abhiruchi is: Beautiful*)
  • Abhisarika (Meaning of Abhisarika is: Beloved)
  • Abhitha (Meaning of Abhitha is: Fearless)
  • Abigail (Meaning of Abigail is: Messenger)
  • Ablaa (Meaning of Ablaa is: Perfectly formed)
  • Aboli (Meaning of Aboli is: A flower)
  • Achla (Meaning of Achla is: Constant)
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