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Female Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Anshu (Meaning of Anshu is: Sun)
  • Anshumali (Meaning of Anshumali is: Sun)
  • Ansruta (Meaning of Ansruta is: Unique)
  • Antara (Meaning of Antara is: Near; Related; Intimate: Beauty)
  • Anubhuti (Meaning of Anubhuti is: Feelings)
  • Anudeepthi (Meaning of Anudeepthi is: Divine light)
  • Anuja (Meaning of Anuja is: Younger Sister)
  • Anukriti (Meaning of Anukriti is: Photograph)
  • Anulekha (Meaning of Anulekha is: Beautiful picture)
  • Anupama (Meaning of Anupama is: Beautiful)
  • Anuprabha (Meaning of Anuprabha is: Followed by glory)
  • Anuradha (Meaning of Anuradha is: Lord Krishna's Consort)
  • Anusheela (Meaning of Anusheela is: Full of Goodness)
  • Anushka (Meaning of Anushka is: A term of endearment)
  • Anushree (Meaning of Anushree is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Anvi (Meaning of Anvi is: One of Devi's names)
  • Anvita (Meaning of Anvita is: One who bridges the gap)
  • Anwesha (Meaning of Anwesha is: Quest)
  • Anwita (Meaning of Anwita is: Gracious)
  • Anya Anya (Meaning of Anya Anya is: Goddess Durga)
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