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Female Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Arshi (Meaning of Arshi is: Heavenly)
  • Arshiya (Meaning of Arshiya is: Heavenly)
  • Arti (Meaning of Arti is: Prayer Ceremony)
  • Aruna (Meaning of Aruna is: Sun)
  • Arundhati (Meaning of Arundhati is: Fidelity; The morning star)
  • Arunima (Meaning of Arunima is: Glow of dawn)
  • Aryahi (Meaning of Aryahi is: Goddess Durga)
  • Aryana (Meaning of Aryana is: Noble*)
  • Asha (Meaning of Asha is: Expectation)
  • Ashani (Meaning of Ashani is: Lightening)
  • Ashika (Meaning of Ashika is: Person without sorrow)
  • Ashima (Meaning of Ashima is: Limitless)
  • Ashira (Meaning of Ashira is: Wealthy)
  • Ashita (Meaning of Ashita is: River Yamuna)
  • Ashlesha (Meaning of Ashlesha is: A star)
  • Ashley (Meaning of Ashley is: Ash wood)
  • Ashma (Meaning of Ashma is: Rock; Mountain of rocks; Strong*)
  • Ashmita (Meaning of Ashmita is: "rock born, very hard and strong")
  • Ashna (Meaning of Ashna is: A friend)
  • Ashrita (Meaning of Ashrita is: Protected by God*)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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